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Geoffrey Bowman, founder of Bowman Models, joined the already established company of Hobbies of Dereham in 1923.

It was agreed that any yachts or motor launches he produced would be marketed under the Hobbies brand.

This is one of the earliest models produced under that agreement.

Unsurprisingly it has the red metal cover you associate with Bowmans and the green "cabin top" seen on many Hobbies yachts.

This particular motor launch, which was powered by elastic, is in complete and original condition. Please have a close look at the photos as she has become distressed over the years. 

However, she is very rare. In 10 years of selling pond yachts this is only the second we have been able to offer for sale.

The stand is oak and brass but is not as old as the boat. It has been made relatively recently. It is offered in the sale as it sets the boat off well.



Rare 1920's Hobbies Bowman speed launch-Sold

SKU: yacht778
  • Length: 69cm (27") 

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