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This is a pond yacht which is very evocative of the late 19th, early 20th century era. She would have been sold by Gamages, or perhaps Hamleys, probably in the 1930's.

She would have been very expensive when new as the quality of construction is top class. Based on a Bristol/Channel islands pilot cutter design of the 1880's, 1890's the "wineglass" hull shape is wonderful.

The original paintwork, of black with a gold coachline, and salmon below the waterline is in very good condition with just a few marks and small areas of paint loss on the keel. She has her original swinging door type rudder.

The deck has a lovely original colour with planklines and a mahoghany toerail. 

All the spars are original. The bowsprit appears to have a crack, which has been repaired at some point, but is secure . 

The sails are in outstanding condition for their age and were made using the blue striped material prevalent in the 20's and 30's. They have a few water stains and some mildew marks but no holes or tears. The topsail has not aged as much as the other sails but is made of the same material and with the same construction.

She has been rerigged completely in the last few years so it is unlikely any of the rigging is original.

The stand is lovely and of the same era. It shows the yacht at its best.

Looking carefully at the condition she is quite remarkable considering she is approaching 100 years old.

An opportunity which is unlikely to be repeated. 

1930's Gamages Pilot Cutter remarkable original condition -Sold

SKU: yacht786
  • Length: 55cm (21.5") plus bowsprit 82cm overall Beam: 15cm (6") overall height 84cms (33") including stand

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