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Haycroft Pond Yachts have been made in Devon in the United Kingdom since 2016.

They are made using traditional designs and methods and this particular yacht was one of the first to be made. 

If you would like more information about this yacht and its background please visit their website

In the short period of operation they have sold yachts to many countries and appeal to owners who not only want an attractive yacht on display but also want to be able to sail them.

This particular yacht has been in France and has been sailed. Consequently she has a couple of marks in the paintwork and on the deck edge. Overall the condition is very good. All the fittings are brass including a "Haycroft" plaque on the deck. 

The sails are original and as new. She also has a spare suit of sails which are not original but may have been made for sailing.

She comes equipped with a hand retrieval line, a turning pole and her original stand.

This is a very pretty yacht which can be used decoratively or can be sailed.



2016 Haycroft Pond Yacht -Sold

SKU: yacht716
  • Length: 47cm (18.5") plus bowsprit 22.5 inches overall Beam: 13cm (5") Overall height: 66cm (26")

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