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This Alexander of Preston pond yacht would make a very good restoration project. She was originally sold by Bassett-Lowke in their White Heather range. Originally she was finished in "red" varnish above the waterline and  "yellow" below.

Overall the hull is in good condition but would benefit from being repainted or revarnished. The toerail is original but has a small area of damage at the starboard bow. There is also some damage to the skeg which will require attention.

The deck has its original varnish but also has some marks.

All of the deck fittings are present and original including the sheet horses and the braine steering. 

The rig is all original but the sails can only be used as templates. The mast and spars are original and in good condition although the boom is slightly bent. 

If you would like further photos of particular areas of the yacht please do not hesitate to ask.

Alexanders of this size are becoming very difficult to find so a restoration would be very worthwhile.


31 inch Alexander Of Preston to restore -Sold

SKU: rest862
  • Length: 79cm (31") Beam: 18cm (7") Height: 135cms (53")

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