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In 12 years of purchasing period pond yachts we have not seen a yacht by Cowes Yachts before. Nor have we been unable to find any details of the company which made them.

Cowes was the venue for the first Americas Cup and is still today the foremost centre for yacht racing in the UK.

There were so many boat yards in Cowes at that time it may be they were made by the apprentices.

Whatever the story it is unlikely that they were made in large quantities and she is therefore quite a rare yacht.

She is very well made in pitch pine with a separate keel. The hull is hollow with a separate deck. With this construction and with a swinging door type rudder it is likely she was made in the 1930's.

The hull is still in very good condition but as you can see in the photos she has lost much of her paintwork to give a lovely decorative look.

The rudder is missing.

The deck is original with a lovely crazed finish which sometimes happens to varnish of that era.

All the deck fittings are original and there are 2 lovely emblems showing Cowes Yachts and a map of the Isle of Wight.

The rig is original apart from the rigging which has been renewed. The sails are in good order for their age but are stained. They are perfect for display but if the yacht is to be restored a new suit would be needed.

This is quite a rare opportunity as she currently makes such a decorative statement. However, she would also look fantastic restored to sailing condition. 


The stand is not original but is included in the sale if required.



Large Decorative pond yacht by Cowes Yachts for display or restore -Sold

SKU: yacht998
  • Length: 63cm (24.5") Beam: 18cm (7")  Height: 102cms (40ins) in the stand

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