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This wonderful gaff rigged pond yacht dates from the first decades of the twentieth century and is called "Albert".

She has a beautiful "wineglass" shaped hull with a stunning sheer line.

There is cream paintwork above the waterline and green below. This yacht has been sailed so there are marks and scratches on the hull and it may be that she has been repainted below the waterline. The rudder has been repaired and would need attention if it was intended to sail her again.

The deck has  a wonderful colour with plank lines cut into it. All the deck fittings are original and there is a lovely mahogany hatch on which is the yachts name.

Even more remarkable is that the sails are original. There are 2 foresails and a gaff mailsail.  The spars and bowsies also appear to be original although, obviously, the rigging has been changed over the years.

She is a very evocative yacht from a great era of pond yachts. 

The stand is oak and is probably not as old as the yacht. It is included in the sale if required as it shows the yacht exceptionally well.



Early Gaff Rigged Pond Yacht "Albert" -£595

SKU: yachtA106
  • Length: 77.5cm (30.5") plus bowsprit 107cms overall Beam: 21cm (8.25") overall height 104cms (41") including stand.


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