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The large London Stores of the 1920's and 30's sold a great many of the Pond yachts of that era.

This yacht was sold by Gamages of High Holborn probably in the late 1920's.

Although she has been sailed she is in amazing condition for her age and is totally original. She was named but the transfers have faded over the years. She appears to have been called "Corona".  

The hull is solid, hollowed with a separate hardwood deck. The keel is wood with lead ballast. The keel does have a crack but it is secure and is not moving. The rudder is of the swinging door design with a lead insert.

The deck is original with plank lines cut into it. The Gamages plaque is fixed at the stern.

The red, white and green paintwork is original but it does have some marks from sailing and there is some paint loss on the keel.

The sails are original and in really good order for their age. There are some stains and the jib has a small tear. There are also a few pinholes in the mainsail. The rig is original but the rigging has been renewed.

This is a very pretty yacht from the hayday of Pond Yachts

The stand is not as old as the yacht but is included in the sale if required



Early Gamages Pond Yacht All Original-Sold

  • Length: 44cm (17") Beam: 10cm (4") Overall height: 67cm (26.5")

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