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This racing pond yacht is constructed in hardwood by the bread and butter on the butt method. The hull is varnished with a black painted keel.

She has been hollowed with a separate hardwood deck fitted which is brass pinned to the hull. It appears that the mast foot has been moved in the past.

All the original deck fittings are present and correct.

She is fitted with a basic vane gear which may have been homemade. It will need to be refitted to the rudder.

The spars are painted alloy tube and in good order.

There are sails but, whilst they are useable, they are  more likely to be used as templates.

Most if not all of the rigging will require renewing. 

Obviously this was intended to be a serious sailing yacht as she has her own carrying case for transportation to the lake.  

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to ask.





Early Vane Racing Pond yacht to restore -Sold

SKU: restA107
  • Length: 53cm (21") Beam: 14cm (5.5") estimated height 86cms

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