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As "Maryanne" was homemade it is difficult to know her age. The only clue is the name which is likely to be related to the children for whom the yacht was made.

It is obvious that she was made to be sailed. Extra ballast has been fitted at some point to balance the yacht.

She was carved from solid, hollowed, and fitted with a separate deck. The paintwork appears to be original and the deck has plank lines drawn. 

A child has drawn the name on the bows, the portholes and a plan of a cabin on the deck.

She comes with her original box with Maryanne painted on the lid.

If you are considering sailing her again the rudder will need some attention.

This yacht has a wonderful charm to her. 






Delightful Childs Pond Yacht "Maryanne" to display or restore-£95

SKU: restA141
  • Length: 55cm (21.5") plus bowsprit 62 cms overall  Beam: 10cm (4") Overall height: 68cm (26.5")

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