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It is difficult to find any information about the manufacturer of this Racing Pond Yacht.

She appears to date from the 1950's/60's but it is difficult to be sure.

Certainly she has been made for racing as construction is light and the fittings are made to a very high standard. She was supplied in her own box, black with a Davies transfer. Obviously she has been stored in this box since new and consequently is in very good condition.

This particular yacht does not appear to have been rigged, nor sailed.

There are a couple of cracks on the hull but they are only in the paint. There is also a little corrosion on the keel. Otherwise the hull is in very good condition indeed.

The deck is as new with all original fittings which are either stainless steel or chromed. The mast foot is adjustable and she is fitted with sophisticated Braine steering. The spars are all original with stainless fittings. The sails are as new and do not appear to have been used. The hooks and bowsies are in a packet.

There is no rigging twine but if the yacht is to be sailed then new rigging would be required anyway.

This is an unusual opportunity to assemble and sail a sopisticated period racing yacht.




Original Racing pond yacht by Davies of Sheffield -Sold

SKU: yacht764
  • Length: 61cm (24")  Beam: 14cm (5.5")   Overall height: 93cm (36.5")

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