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Triang (LInes Bros) are probably best known for their tinplate yachts and toys. However, in the early 1930's they produced 3 ranges of wooden pond yachts. This particular yacht, called a B16, was from a range which does not appear to have been sold in large quantities and therefore today are very rare.

This yacht has survived in such good condition because it has always been stored in its original wooden box. Although faded it is still possible to read on the lid     "Tri-ang Yachts made by skilled racing yacht builders"

The yacht itself is in very good condition for its age. There is some paint loss on the bottom of the keel which suggests she was sailed at some point. The paintwork is the original cream but there are some small areas of damage so please have a good look at the photos. 

The sails are also in very good order with no holes or tears and just a couple of small stains. The rig is gunter so that it would store in the box. Whether the spars and rigging are original is difficult to say as this is the only one we have seen other than in photographs.

The box has a little damage at one end. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch  





Rare 1930's Triang Pond Yacht in original box -Sold

SKU: yacht586
  • Length: 41cm (16") plus bowsprit 50cms overall   Beam: 9cm (3.5")   Overall height: 57cm (22.5")

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