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"B" Boats were made in the 1930's by the British Yacht and Model Company of London. They made a range of tin plate yachts and motor launches but not a great deal else is known about them. The yachts/launches were not made in large quantities. In the period we have been offering pond yachts we have previously obtained one yacht and 1 motor launch. 

This yacht is amazing not just because it is all original but it has an accompanying letter from the company dated 6th June 1934.

Although it appears this yacht has been sailed, there is some paint loss on the bow and the bottom of the keel, it is in wonderful condition. This is due to it having been stored all its life in a wooden sailing box which is included in the sale.

The hull paintwork is original and in really good condition although there are some rust spots and paint loss on the keel. The deck varnish and all the deck fittings are original. All the "B" Boats transfers are perfect.

The sails are original with the "B" Boats stamp on the mainsail. They are in really good condition. All the bowsies and clips are original.

The yacht also has an original spinniker complete with all its fittings.

This really is a unique opportunity for the serious collector as it is difficult to imagine another yacht in such good condition and with such provenance.

Exceptionally Rare 1930's "B" Yacht -Sold

SKU: yacht580
  • Length: 66cm (26") Beam: 14cm (5.5") overall height 93cms 36.5 inches

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