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This high class racing pond yacht was made in bread and butter mahoghany. It was then hollowed to fine tolerances. The hull weighs just under 1.2 kilos which is light for this size of yacht. The interior was then varnished and a thin wooden (not plywood) deck fitted. 

The design bears remarkable similarities to a Bill Daniels design XPDNC from 1906. Along with his later design Prospero these yachts were produced in various lengths. At 30 inches this yacht would be considered half size. There are many entries on the internet for both XPDNC and Prospero. Please investigate and see the similarities for yourself.

The hull is in very good condition although the paintwork is poor. The lines and hull shape are wonderful and if restored to sailing order would still be very fast indeed.

The deck is in good order with original but marked varnish. The deck fittings are all original although the rear horse and steering rack are missing. The adjustable mast foot and braine steering are both present and in good order.

She has a brassed hatch cover and upstand. Inside there is a copper carrying handle.

There are 3 sails with the yacht which appear original. They are all in good condition although stained. The mainsail is gaff. There is no mainmast and the main boom, jib boom, and gaff are broken.

The yacht has some lovely fittings especially the braine steering blocks and the goosenecks.

If you would like further details or photos of particular areas of the yacht please do not hesitate to ask.

The stand appears to be original and suits the yacht well. There is a little damage and it is scruffy but is included in the sale.

Classic Daniels Gaff rigged Racing Yacht to restore -Sold

SKU: rest732
  • Length: 76cm (30") plus bowsprit  83cms overall Beam: 15cm (6") overall Height (estimated) 102 cms 40ins plus stand 42.5 ins overall

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