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I just acquired my first yacht from "Pond Yacht Antiques", a Star Yacht from the early days. The description was spot on, ie wonderfully distressed, tastefully enhanced with the passage of time. The description was also very accurate with respect to original versus non-original parts. Finally, I am grateful to Chris for his assistance and the various tips he gave me. As a result, I am now a member of the BSYAS society. After all, Star Productions was founded by a Belgian refugee, wasn't it?      

Belgium flag.png

J-M N    Belgium

Your great service and response time is so appreciated. I have really enjoyed our correspondence and I love your pond yachts and the quality that you provide with them. I am certain I will be getting more from you in the future!


G.J. California

I am very pleased with the beautiful vintage yacht I purchased from Pond Yacht Antiques. Chris's knowledge and experience with these yachts gave me confidence that I was buying from an expert who cared about the yacht and cared that I was happy with my purchase . His advice was greatly appreciated. I would definitely recommend and look forward to buying from Pond Yacht Antiques again in the future.


C.G. London

The Ailsa yacht has arrived safely thanks to your careful packaging. She is a beauty! I used to have a similar yacht about 70 years ago (wooden hull) bought for me by my Dad whilst we were on holiday in Largs (I’m a Scotsman by birth) so for me this has great nostalgic value.

Thanks again for the enthusiastic and careful attention you have given to supplying this fine old yacht.


R.S. London

The pond yacht arrived safely and we very much enjoy her and are so pleased with how she looks.

R.S. Switzerland

Antique Pond Yachts - Switzerland

I have received the parcel and all 3 boats are exactly as described. A great addition to any collection. Many thanks for your assistance while purchasing them. I will keep an eye on your website and I am sure I will be back in touch again soon.

B.D. Liverpool

Antique Pond Yachts - England

I recently purchased a Star yacht from Pond Yacht Antiques and I am absolutely delighted with it. The condition was exactly as described and photographed and the yacht was promptly delivered in very robust packaging. Having little previous knowledge of the yachts, I received very useful and quick responses from Chris to some queries that I had posed. I would thoroughly recommend this company to anyone with an interest in model yachts. 

A.M. Scotland

Antique Pond Yachts - Scotland

I have now had 4 yachts from Pond Yacht Antiques and each have exceeded my expectations. The website descriptions are very accurate, with interesting information about the manufacturer. Questions are answered swiftly and with extra photo's if needed. The boats arrive quickly and are well packed to endure their possibly stormy ride through the postal system. I can thoroughly recommend buying a yacht from here as you know precisely what you are getting with no nasty surprises and a great friendly service.

C.S. Scotland

Antique Pond Yachts - Scotland

I recently had the pleasure of acquiring 2 fine 19th Century Pond Yachts from Mr. Chris Oakley. I was highly pleased how professional both deals went, excellent communication ,beautiful boats, wonderful packing, both vessels arrived lightening fast in perfect condition. Thank you Chris.

B.C. Florida

Antique Pond Yachts - USA

I have dealt with Chris at Pond Yacht Antiques for several years now.  His stock is always accurately described and illustrated.  He takes a keen, personal interest in items and provides a brilliant service.  Nothing is too much trouble.

P.C. Wiltshire

Antique Pond Yachts - England

I have made several purchases from this website and have found service to be excellent. Items were exactly as described and delivered to me in Australia in perfect condition.

M.S. Australia

Antique Pond Yachts - Australia

For a decade I've been building a collection of Star Pond Yachts. Most of the rare and top quality items have been supplied by Chris Oakley of Pond Yacht Antiques. As a result of many years dealing in pond yachts Chris has extensive knowledge and his images and his descriptions are always informative, detailed, accurate and honest.

K.Y. Co Durham

Antique Pond Yachts - England

I have bought  several pond yacht from Pond Yacht antiques over the last few years and always was very pleased with top notch service, a deep knowledge of the subject and a great communication. Very reasonable prices and excellent packaging that is especially important for oversea shipping. My highest recommendations.

A.M. Pennsylvania USA

Antique Pond Yachts - USA
Antique Pond Yachts - France

During the last two years, I have bought five pond yachts from Pond Yacht Antiques and I have never been disappointed. Some were in good condition, some needed some restoration as clearly mentioned in the description, but all the boats were of great interest. Add to that that the prices of the boats are reasonable, shipping to France very cheap and reliable and that Chris Oakley can provide very useful informations. A nice place to buy nice boats, particularly those from Alexander of Preston.

Patrick, France

Antique Pond Yachts - Canada

What is a pond yacht enthusiast looking for? To see a choice of original yachts, in good state as possible and to buy them. Your web site is great for this Chris. I live in Canada and my fear is always about the deliveries but for the moment, all my yachts arrived in good state because they were packed well.

R.A. Canada

Having used the services of Pond Yacht Antiques for several years now, I find for me, that it is the best source for the more elusive models of vintage Star yachts. I have acquired several models for the BSYAS Heritage Section and all yachts have arrived in an original un-restored condition which is a great buying point. I find the service of Chris Oakley second to none with fast delivery and well-packaged yachts along with good communication. For these reasons, I can highly recommend Pond yacht Antiques for your Star yacht.

Graham Hunt, 
Birkenhead Star Yacht Appreciation Society.

Antique Pond Yachts - England

I recently purchased a Star yacht BR5 from Pond yacht antiques.. being a member of BSYAS I was hoping to increase my collection of Star yachts with an early one. Chris was very patient , helpful and knowledgeable on the subject of pond yachts.  At the start I had a choice of two and after numerous emails to Chris I was able to make the decision on which one was right for me. The yacht was very well packaged and after I asked for a delay in postage, It was delivered on the day Chris said. This being my first time of purchasing from Chris, if the right yacht happens to come up on Pond Yacht Antiques it certainly wont be my last. Thank you Chris for all your help past and future.

P.H. Wales


Chris answered my questions quickly. The boat arrived faster and was in better shape than I expected. It can be both sailed and displayed as is, but I look forward to doing some restoration work. I am familiar with many of the boats on the website. They sail well, as the manufacturers of yesteryear knew what they were doing. And it's nice just looking at the pictures!

E.S. Sweden

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