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Pond Yacht Antiques

Alexander of Preston produced Pond Yachts from just after the First World War until about 1960 when production finally ceased. The company was started by John Alexander who, in the early years of the 20th century, had worked in the famous Fairlie boatyard of William Fife building some the most graceful yachts of all time.

After the war John Alexander settled in Preston and in addition to his carpentry business started to produce pond yachts. In the next 40 years he, with his sons, made what are now some of the most iconic and collectable yachts of the 20th century. They began by building 6 metre yachts which they raced to great effect winning many national and world titles. Many of the models that they made later reflected the wonderful lines of those early yachts. Alexanders are now accepted to have some of the best hull shapes of any commercially produced pond yachts.

Alexander sold yachts direct to customers, probably by mail order. It is not thought that they ever had a shop but instead sold through the shops of the famous model company Bassett-Lowke and the London store Hamleys. One of the most famous yachts from the William Fife yard was White Heather and the Alexanders called many of their yachts White Heather, White Foam, Heather Isle, Heather Elf and Heather Dew.

It is generally accepted that Alexanders are now some of the most collectable yachts and they command high prices.

In this section of the site we will endeavour to offer a selection of Alexander and Bassett Lowke yachts both complete and for restoration. However, we will also include any yacht of similar design and build quality from companies such as Stevens and Clyde Model Dockyards. Please feel free to browse and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

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