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This yacht was produced in the 1920's  by Hobbies of Dereham. 

Remarkably, not only has she survived in original condition but so has her box.

She was made from solid pine with a separate deck and has her original green and black livery. As you would expect there is some paint loss but the overall condition is surprising, as she is over a hundred years old. The deck is painted and varnished, with deck lines and the Hobbies paper badge is still attached.

The rig is in very good original order. The sails are original with, remarkably, no holes or tears.  All the spars and bowsies  are original. 

The box is wonderful with all its original advertising. However, although complete it does have some damage and  "scuffing".

It is astonising to find a yacht such as this in such original condition.

She is a real collectors item.

The stand is not original and is not included. 




1920's Hobbies "Whitewings" in original box-£135

SKU: yachtA135
  • Length: 51cm (20") plus bowsprit 56cms overall Beam: 13.5cm (5.25") overall height 59cms 

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