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This pond yacht was sourced in Ireland from a 70 year old gentleman who stated that the yacht was owned by his father when he was a child.

The yacht has  a lovely hull shape with a full bow and an overhang transom.

The keel is quite long and has the rudder incorporated.

The hull has been overpainted in cream at some point and the paintwork has quite a few marks from sailing.

The deck is pine and has a wonderful colour with drawn plank lines. All the deck fittings are original. 

The spars are also original although the bowsprit may have been replaced. The sails are in good order for their age with just a few stains and rust marks. The rigging has been renewed.

The stand is mahoghany and sets the yacht well however it is not as old as the yacht.

A very pretty yacht from a lovely era    


1920's Irish Gaff Rigged Pond Yacht -Sold

SKU: yacht785
  • Length: 53cm (20.75") plus bowsprit 62 overall Beam: 13cm (5") overall height 82cms (32") including stand

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