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This pond yacht has a wonderful wineglass hull shape and spoon bow which suggests she was built in the 1920's or early 1930's. The shallow draft and the cutter rig is very similar to East Coast cruisers of that period. 

She was carved from solid pine, hollowed, with a separate pitch pine deck. The toerails and central plank are mahogany. The long keel is lead ballast bolted direct to the hull and she has a swinging door rudder with a lead trailing edge.

There are marks on the hull, in the paintwork and on the bottom of the keel which suggests she has been sailed and that the paintwork is unlikely to be original.

The rig is cutter bermudan with a foresail, staysail and a main. The sails are generally in very good order for their age although they have discoloured over the years. There is also a small hole in the mainsail and 2 tiny holes in the inner staysail. All the rigging as been renewed.

This is a very attractive period yacht with a lovely hull shape.


The stand is oak but is not as old as the yacht. It is included in the sale if required.

1920's Long Keel "Wineglass" Pond Yacht -Sold

SKU: yacht303
  • Length: 64cm (25") Beam: 12cm (4.75") Overall height: 94cm (37")

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