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This large Motor cruiser dates from the 1930's. She is listed in the "Designs for Ship Model Construction" section of the Bassett-Lowke catalogue as plans for a model of a 50ft Motor Cabin Cruiser and "was originally designed for a working model and has the underwater body increased to provide additional displacement".

So it appears that she could have been made by Bassett-Lowke themselves or homemade from their plans. The latter is maybe more likely.

However, she has been made to a very good standard. She is carved from solid and hollowed with separate deck sections and superstructure. There is some additional ballast in the bilges.

She has a large clockwork motor which has a clever arrangement which allows it to be wound without removing the cabin structure. The winding handle is present. The motor has  been wound and is running. It would benefit from cleaning and needs to be made secure and reconnected to the prop shaft.

The hull is in good condition with a rudder and prop. The rudder does not have a tiller only a quadrant below decks.

The paintwork is unlikely to be original and is in poor condition.

The superstructure and deck appear to be complete and in good order with some lovely fittings. These include nav lights, fairleads, working hatches etc. The wheelhouse is not secure.

This is a very rare opportunity as she can be displayed or she could be restored to sailing condition. Which, as she was designed by Bassett-Lowke, she is sure to do well.

The stand appears to be of similar age to the yacht but is scruffy.

If you would like further photos please do not hesitate to ask.





Bassett-Lowke Cabin Cruiser for display or restore-Sold

SKU: yacht769
  • Length: 76cm (30") 

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