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This rare, very beautiful, pond yacht was sold by Bassett-Lowke in the 1930's.

The "wineglass" hull shape is wonderful.

She has her original green paintwork above the waterline with a gold coachline and cream below. 

The paintwork is original but is in poor condition and would benefit from repainting.

There is some damage to the keel which has been repaired. There is no movement but it requires preparing and painting. The swinging door rudder is missing.

The deck is in good order but the varnish is dull and would benefit from some attention. There is a removable hatch cover with the name "Grand Sophy" painted on it.

She will need a new rig. It appears that this model was originally supplied with a bowsprit and dimensions for that rig can be provided.

The stand is not original and not included. 




1930's Bassett-Lowke "Cygnet" Pond Yacht hull to restore-Sold

SKU: rest997
  • Length: 71cm (28") Beam: 18cm (7") 

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