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This yacht is from a range sold by Gamages of Holborn during the 1930's.

Most were sold in white but some were produced in green and called "Shamrock" and others were blue and called "Endeavour". The green and blue models were named after the famous "J" class yachts of that era.

This particular yacht has been sailed but nontheless is in very good condition. The paintwork is all original and has a few marks from sailing. The Endeavour transfers are both present but have faded so in the photographs they are difficult to see. There is a crack in the paint on the port side of the keel. However the keel is prefectly secure. Although the rudder is correctly a lead weighted swinging door type it has been replaced at some point.

The deck has all original fittings and the "London Made" transfer is present just aft of the mast foot plinth. The deck varnish has some marking.

The rig is totally original and the sails are in really good condition for their age. They have no holes or tears. All the spars, hooks and bowsies are original. 

The stand is homemade and not as old as the yacht but is included in the sale if required.

This is a very collectable period pond yacht.

1930's Gamages "Endeavour" Pond Yacht -Sold

SKU: yacht606
  • Length: 53.5cm (21") Beam: 13cm (5") Overall height: 83cm (32.7")

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