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This pond yacht is one of a range of yachts sold by Hamleys of London between the wars. They are quite distinctive with their unique steering gear. This model is known as the "reg no" as it had REG stamped on the bottom of the keel and had a REG.771594 Union Jack transfer on both sides of the keel.

This particular yacht has been sailed but is unusual as it is complete with its original rig.The hull has its original paintwork which is in good order with just a few marks and some paint loss on the bow. The transfers are good.

The original owner called the yacht Red Admiral and this is painted on both sides of the yacht. The deck is in good order with its original finish and all the deck fittings including the steering gear are original.

The sails and the spars are original and in very good condition for their age. The jib has a very small tear and the mainsail has two small holes. The main has its original W18 stamp. All the hooks and bowsies are original.

This yacht does not require a stand as it stands on its keel.

Hamleys sold this range in some numbers however this is the first time we have been able to offer one with its original sails.

1930's Hamleys "Reg No" All original -Sold

SKU: yacht424
  • Length: 47cm (18.5") plus bowsprit 22inches overall Beam: 12cm (4.75") Overall height: 74cm (29")

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