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"Reliance" is one of a range of yachts made in the 1930's and sold through the famous London store Hamleys. She is named after the 1903 Americas Cup racing yacht owned by members of the New York Yacht Club. She has the wonderful hull shape of that era.

She has a hollow hull with a separate hardwood deck. The turquoise and gold paintwork is original but this yacht has been sailed so there are some marks on both sides of the hull. The rudder and tiller are original. There is a gold coachline and gold name transfers on the bows. However one has faded slightly. There is some damage at the bows giving some paint loss between the hull and the deck.

The deck is in really good condition with all original fittings and cut plank lines. The varnish is also original and has crackled giving a lovely aged colour and patina. The original red band around the deck edge is in good order.

The sails are in very good condition and have the blue striping indicative of the 1930's. They have no holes or tears but have some waterstains. The gunter has some whipping which suggests that it has been repaired at some point. The bowsprit has been replaced as has the rigging.

However, overall the condition is very good indeed considering her age and how much sailing she must have done. 

The stand is made of mahoghany and, although in the correct style, may be a replacement.

This is a pond yacht which is very evocative of the early 20th century era. 


1930's Hamleys "Reliance" in as sailed condition -Sold

SKU: yacht774
  • Length: 46cm (18") plus bowsprit 68cm overall Beam: 11.5cm (4.5") overall height 65cms (25.5") including stand

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