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Kylecraft Pond Yachts were made in Largs on the Clyde in the years just after the Second World War. Largs was also the home of the Ailsa brand of yacht and the two are very similar. However, Ailsa were produced in far greater quantities and therefore Kylecraft are much harder to find and therefore more collectable.

The hull is hollowed pine with a separate deck. The paintwork, blue with a gold coachline, above the waterline and varnish below is all original. As she has been sailed there are a few marks and paint chips most notably on the edge of the deck.The deck has all original fittings and the Kylecraft transfer is still present although there is a little damage.

The sails, spars and rigging hooks are all original but all of the rigging has been renewed. The sails are in good order. The jib is complete with just a few stains. The mainsail is complete but has a couple of small tears and a small hole. The mast has warped slightly during its years of storage.

This is a very pretty yacht and as an original Kylecraft very collectable.

The stand is relatively new but is included in the sale if required.

1950's Kylecraft complete and original - Sold

SKU: yacht442
  • Length: 46cm (18") Beam: 11cm (4.3") Overall height: 76cm (30")

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