This wonderful long keeled pond yacht dates from the end of the 19th century or the first few years of the twentieth.

She is reputed to have been made by Stevens Model Dockyard but we have not been able to find her in the catalogue. However, if she is not SMD, it is difficult to know what other company was making yachts of this design and quality at that time. 

She has a beautiful "wineglass" shaped hull with great lines, lead ballast, and a swinging door rudder.

Remarkably, the hull has its original paintwork of black with a coachline and gold below the waterline. As you would expect on a yacht of this age there is some damage and paintloss so  please have a good look at the photographs.

The deck has  a wonderful colour with plank lines. All the deck fittings are original and there is a lovely brass cover for the drainhole.

Even more remarkable is that the sails appear to be original. There are 3 foresails, a gaff mailsail and topsail.  The mainsail has some tears and is quite delicate whereas the others are in good order with just some waterstains. the spars and bowsies also appear to be original although, obviously, the rigging has been changed over the years.

She is a very evocative yacht from a great era of pond yachts. 

The stand is pitch pine, and if not original, is certainly of the same era. It is included in the sale if required.



19th century Gaff Rigged Long Keel Pond Yacht All original -£595

SKU: yacht931
  • Length: 61cm (24") plus bowsprit 92cms overall Beam: 15cm (6") overall height 97cms (38") including stand.

    This height also includes the topsail. Without the topsail the height is 81cms (32 inches)