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Adamcraft dinghies were made from kits designed and produced by Naval Architect Harvey Adam in the New Forest. They were first introduced in 1947 and it appears production had ceased by around 1954. Apparently the dinghys were not easy to make and consequently the standard of construction of surviving examples varies.

This particular yacht was very well made and so has survived well. She is varnished inside and out and has had no repairs. The condition is very good which suggests that if she has been sailed it was not often.

The spars are original and the sail is in good order with a thin blue stripe indicative of the period. There are no holes or tears but there are some water stains especially at the foot of the sail. It appears that some of the rigging has been renewed.

The bronze centre board is present.


The stand appears to be the same period and is included in the sale.


Adamcraft Dinghy Pond Yacht VGC-Sold

  • Length: 46cm (18") plus rudder Beam: 18.5cm (7.25") Height: 71cm (28")

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