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Albatross of Torbay was a family business which produced pond yachts from 1988-1996 in Cornwall.

The majority of the production was small, around 8-15 inches with bermuden sails. However, occasionally a larger yacht was made. 

This particular Albatross is a good size with a schooner rig. She was carved from solid pine with a metal keel. The paintwork is all original. However, she has been sailed so there are a few marks.

The rig is all original and is basically as new. The sails are very good indeed with a complete mainsail stamp.

The larger Albatross yachts are very collectable especially with an interesting rig.

The stand appears to be original and is included in the sale.


Albatross of Torbay schooner rigged pond yacht-£98.50

SKU: yachtA153
  • Length: 61cm (20") plus bowsprit 72cms overall Beam: 12cm (4.75") Overall height: 61cm (24") including stand

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