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In the 1930's Bassett-Lowke sold a range of yachts called White Heather which were made for them by Alexander of Preston. This is the 29inch model.

This particular yacht has been sailed but is in wonderful condition .

The hull is made in the usual vertical bread and butter and the varnish is all original. There are some marks from the sailing most notably on the bow and the bottom of the keel.

The deck is in good order with all original fittings and the usual hardwood kingplank. There is a small area of water staining around the mast foot. 

The rig is all original. The spars are original alloy tube and have a small amount of paint loss.

The sails are also original and although they have yellowed over the years they are in really good order for their age. There are one pinprick hole in the mainsail.

All the hooks and bowsies are original.

This large collectable yacht is in very good condition indeed.

The stand has been made in the style of BL/Alexander but is relatively modern.

Alexander Bassett Lowke "White Heather" Complete and Original -Sold

SKU: yacht519
  • Length: 731m (29") Beam: 17cm (6.75") Overall height: 135cm (53")

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