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This yacht was made by Alexander of Preston and is called "Heather Belle"

She is in wonderful condition for her age and has the added benefit of being completely original.

She is varnished, and although she has been sailed, is in good condition with just a few scratches. There is a repaired crack on the keel but the keel and the ballast are perfectly secure.

The deck is in lovely condition with black plank lines. All the fittings are original and present. The Heather Belle plaque is just aft of the mast.

The sacrificial projection on the bow has been replaced with a piece of mahogany and the stern has been reinforced with pine.

The rig is in very good condition. The sails are original and have a few stains. There is one very small hole in the mainsail.

Some of the rigging has been renewed but all the spars, bowsies and hooks are original. 

Alexanders are generally accepted to be the "creme de la creme" of all the commercially produced yachts. Certainly they are the most collectable and prices, for good examples, have increased over the last few years.

The stand is professionally made in mahogany and sets the yacht off beautifully.

Heather Belle is a stunning example of a pond yacht with impeccable pedigree.   




Alexander of Preston "Heather Belle" All original -Sold

SKU: yacht1037
  • Length: 74cm (29")  Beam: 18cm (7") Overall height: 137cm (54") including stand

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