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This Alexander & Sons pond yacht is in need of some  attention.

She has her original paintwork of maroon and cream but it is in poor condition and a complete repaint could be a good idea.

The hull itself is in good condition although the ballast is slightly loose.

 All the deck fittings are present and correct and the deck is good with original varnish.

The rig is completely original but the mast has been broken and will need to be replaced. The boom and jib boom are useable. The sails, although dirty, are in good order with no holes or tears.

A very worthwhile project as Alexanders command such high prices now.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to ask.





Alexander of Preston Pond yacht to restore -Sold

SKU: rest922
  • Length: 53cm (21") Beam: 14cm (5.5") estimated height 86cms

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