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This 26 inch Alexander appears to have been sailed extensively. This is not unusual as John Alexander and his sons won so many Championships that many of their customers bought yachts wanting to sail and to compete.

This particular yacht has its original cream and red paintwork but there are numerous marks from sailing especially on the bow and the keel. It is likely that the bow protector has been replaced.

The deck has its original varnish and plank lines. However, there are also marks and scratches. The transfer which identifies this as a yacht sold by Alexander is still perfect.

All the deck fittings are original but do have some verdigris. There appears to be a crack in the deck beside the mast foot. However, it has been repaired some time ago and the deck is solid.

The sails are in very good order for their age but considering how much sailing this yacht appears to have done it is unlikely they are original. However, they were certainly professionally made.

The spars are all original but there is some paint loss. The hooks and bowsies are also original but it is likely the rigging has been renewed.

The yacht benefits from having its original stand and also its original box.

This Alexander is in remarkable condition considering how much sailing it appears to have done and with its original paintwork is a very striking and collectable yacht.

Alexander & Sons of Preston Racing Yacht -Sold

SKU: yacht1021
  • Length: 67cm (26.25")  Beam: 17cm (6.75") Overall height: 113cm (44.5")

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