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"Britannia" is a topsail gaffer sold by Bassett Lowke during the 1930's. New she cost the not insignificant sum of £2 pounds 15 shillings.

The hull is as good as you would expect from BL with a wonderful "wineglass" shape.

It has its original paint scheme of black with a coachline and red below the waterline. As you would expect on a yacht of this age there is some paintloss in places. The topsides may have been repainted at some point in the past.  

The deck has  a wonderful colour with plank lines. All the deck fittings are original and there is a lovely windlass and a pair of fairleads on the foredeck.

Remarkably the rig is original. There is a foresail, a gaff mailsail and topsail all of which have some mildew marks.  The mainsail has some rust stains one of which has a hole. There are no other holes or tears. All  the spars and bowsies are original although the boasprit has been repaired. The rigging has been renewed over the years.

She is a very evocative yacht from a great era of pond yachts.

It is very exciting to find a yacht which has just "stepped out" from a catalogue of the heyday of pond yachts.

The stand is teak and is not original, although it is the same design as those of the period.

It is included in the sale if required.




1930's Bassett Lowke "Britannia" Pond Yacht All original -Sold

SKU: yacht890
  • Length: 54cm (21") plus bowsprit 67cms overall Beam: 15cm (6") overall height 72cms (28.5") including stand.


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