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Bowman Jenkins produced this yacht in 1970 to commemorate the famous single handed round the world voyage of Sir Alec Rose in his yacht "LIvely Lady".

What is remarkable is that 47 years after manufacture this yacht is in unused condition in its original box. The only fault is that the starboard dodger has been repaired otherwise the yacht is in mint condition.

The hull is plastic and the deck is plywood. The yacht has all its original fittings.

The rig is all original and in unused condition. In fact as you can see in the photographs the halyards are still tied in hanks at the top of the mast so she has never actually been rigged.

Although this yacht was sold as a toy like all Bowmans it was designed to sail. This particular yacht still has its original Rigging/Sailing instructions. It also has its original rudder/self steering gear which was easily lost.

The box is in good order although it does have a couple of waterstains and a couple of small tears ( the inner box also has 2 small tears ).

This is only the second "Lively Lady" we have been able to offer for sale. They are very rare especially in this condition. 

Overall this is a very collectable yacht enhanced by the presence of its original box.

Bowman "Lively Lady" Nr Mint in Box -Sold

SKU: yacht575
  • Length: 36cm (14") plus bowsprit 39 cms overall Beam: 11.5 cm (4.5") Overall height: 54.5cm (21.3")

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