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Southwold Model Yacht Regattas have been organised since 1894.

This style of Southwold pond yacht dates from the early 1950's but is based on a Bassett Lowke design from the 1930's.

Originally made in wood, by the late 50's and into the 1960's these yachts were being made in fibreglass by a local sailor Humphrey Cripps. They were raced in Southwold by both adults and children until a few years ago.

This particular yacht, called "Sovereign", is fibreglass and in good condition with just a few sailing marks and a couple of repairs on the keel. Her name is painted on the bows and the stern. The deck is mahoghany. The main sheet adjustment markings are painted on the deck.

This yacht is complete with three different size rigs for different windspeeds ( 3 mainsails 3 jibs). The rig shown in the photos is the largest and intended for light airs.

All the spars are original and marked with her name. All the sails are in very good condition with no holes or tears and just a few mildew marks.

The yacht is complete with a sailbag for her rigs and a metal packing case for transit.

These yachts were designed and built to be sailed and raced so if you are looking for a classic pond yacht which you would also like to sail then "Sovereign" is well worth consideration.

We are offering a pair of Southwold yachts of which Sovereign is the smaller. 

NOTE: the stand is not included. 


Classic Southwold Racing Yacht "Sovereign"-Sold

SKU: yacht675
  • Length: 51cm (20") plus bowsprit 75cm (29.5") overall Beam: 18cm (7") Overall height: Varies depending which rig is fitted

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