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This yacht is from a range sold by the large London stores just before the war. It would have been sold by Gamages, Hamleys or Bonds of Euston Road.

The paintwork is the original cream with a black coachline. The deck has its original varnish and all the fittings and the faux cabin top are also all original.

There is a crack on the starboard side of the keel but there is no movement so it must be in the paint. there are one or two paint chips but overall she is in lovely condition for her age.

The rig is all original. The sails are in very good order with no tears. There are a couple of pinprick holes. The sails do have some water stains and have yellowed but this is no more than you would expect for this age of yacht.  

The stand is homemade and not as old as the yacht but is included in the sale if required.

This is a lovely original pond yacht.

Gamages/Hamleys Pond Yacht all original -Sold

  • Length: 54cm (20.5") plus bowsprit 60cms overall Beam: 10cm (4") Overall height: 73cm (28.7")

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