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"Atalanta" is one of a range of yachts made in the 1930's and sold through the famous London store Hamleys. 

She has a hollow hull with a separate hardwood deck. The black and green paintwork is the original colour scheme but this yacht has been sailed extensively and it appears that she has been repainted below the waterline. The topsides paintwork is in good order as are the gold coachline and the Atalanta names. There are a couple of areas of paintloss below the waterline.

She is a little unusual in that she has full braine steering. All previous models of this range we have seen had an adjustable tiller. Whether this steering was fitted when the yacht was made or subsequently it is not possible to know. However, it has been fitted very well. Also the yacht has 2 suits of sails. She has been photographed with her standard suit and she has a stronger wind suit. It would have been possible to change the sail area of the yacht quite quickly. All the sails are in good condition although they have some foxing and staining. 

However, overall the condition of the yacht is very good  considering her age and the amount of sailing she must have done. One reason for her condition is that she has always been stored in her original box. It does need a little attention as the lid is no longer attached.

If you have questions or would like further photos please get in touch.

She is a very rare original yacht indeed and very evocative of the era. 

1930's Hamleys "Atalanta" Original in "as sailed" condition -Sold

SKU: yachtA116
  • Length: 53cm (21") plus bowsprit 61cm overall Beam: 13cm (5") overall height 102cms (40") including stand

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