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This large pond yacht has a wonderful hull shape which is reminiscent of the famous "J" class yachts of her era. Hollowed with a separate hardwood deck she has lovely lines with a sharp bow and a long overhung transom.

She has her original green paintwork which has crazed to give a wonderful patina. She has a lead swinging door type rudder and a long keel.

The deck is original with scored plank lines. It has a lovely colour with a couple of faux hatch covers. There is also an ensign standard which has a mounting point in the deck with a brass cover.

The spars , bowsies and hooks are all original. The sails are made of egyptian cotton and have a few stains.

A very decorative yacht from a wonderful era.   


Large 1930's Pond Yacht in very good condition -Sold

SKU: yacht773
  • Length: 69cm (27") Beam: 14cm (5.5") overall height 95cms (37.5") including stand

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