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This Steam Launch was produced in the 1940's by Bowman Models Ltd, now known as Luton Bowman.

These steam launches are generally considered to be superior to the pre war Bowmans designed by Geoffrey Jenkins. However, it appears that they were quite expensive and as there was a shortage of money after the war, the company was quite short lived.

This particular launch is complete and in very good condition. The paintwork of red and cream is all original and in good order although the varnish has started to degrade on the port side. It appears that the launch has been displayed on a window ledge for some time and this has affected the varnish. 

The Snipe transfers are in good order and there is a lovely brass plaque on the aft deck.

The foredeck cowling and the boiler cover are original and in very good condition.

She has her original propellor shaft and rudder/tiller steering system. 

The steam plant appears to be complete but please be aware that this launch is being sold as a decorative item. We do not guarantee that the plant is complete or working. It has not been tested.

It still has its original burner and other accessories.

The stand is not as old as the launch but is included in the sale.

As the company only survived for a few years the models they produced are rare and quite difficult to find.






1940's Bowman Luton Steam Launch "Snipe" -Sold

SKU: yacht902
  • Length: 58cm (23") 

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