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This pond yacht was made in Largs Scotland in the years following the Second World War. Largs was the home of the Turner family who produced the Ailsa range of yachts.

This particular yacht was made by Ailsa but sold by the famous Clyde Model Dockyard shop in the Arcade in Glasgow.

She is made of aluminium with a separate wooden deck. The paintwork is original but this yacht has been sailed so there is some damage on the bow which has been repaired. 

The mast has been broken and a repair has been done with an alloy tube fitted to the deck. 

The sails are original and unusual as they are blue and not the more common cream.

The bowsies and hooks are all original.

She is a very decorative and collectable yacht.

The stand is not as old as the yacht but is included in the sale if required. 


Clyde Model Dockyard/Ailsa Pond Yacht-Sold

SKU: yacht812
  • Length: 46cm (18") plus bowsprit 50cms Beam: 13.5cm (5.25")  Height: 70cms (27.5ins) in stand

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