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The hull shape of this yacht and the large brass keel suggest she was made around 1900 to 1920.

She is a striking looking yacht with a hollowed pine hull and a wonderful mahoghany deck. The deck is original with brass fittings and a mahoghany toe rail. The plank markings are cut into the deck.

The keel is brass with brass ballast.The sails are in good condition but do have some stains and some water stains. There is a little damage to the jib on the leech just above the jib boom. 

One wonderful aspect to this yacht is that instead of the usual bowsies she is fitted with original brass cleats.

Overall this is a very decorative and distinctive yacht in wonderful condition for her age.

The stand is mahoghany and appears to be the same age as the yacht. 

Very Decorative early 20c Pond Yacht - SOLD

SKU: yacht478
  • Length:  Length: 56cm (22") plus bowsprit 25 inches Overall Beam: 13.5cm (5.3") Overall height: 105cm (41.3")

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