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Albatross of Torbay was a family business which produced pond yachts from 1988-1996.

The majority of the production was small, around 10-15 inches. However, occasionally a larger yacht was made.

This particular Albatross is called Gleam and is based on the design of Morecombe Bay Prawners.

The condition is such that it is hard to believe she has ever been in the water. It is very surprising therefore that there appears to be a repair on the port side of the stem.

Apart from that she appears to be in the same condition as when she was first made.

There is a crack in the paint on the ballast.

The rig is as new with all original fittings. The sails are as new with no stains,holes or tears.

She has her original deck transfer and original stand with a name plaque.

These large Albatross yachts are few and far between and are therefore very collectable.


Albatross of Torbay "Gleam" Morecambe Bay Prawner-Sold

SKU: yacht955
  • Length: 51cm (20") plus bowsprit 67cms overall Beam: 16cm (6.25") Overall height: 79cm (31") including stand

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