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 This rare warship model is fitted with an original Bassett Lowke electric motor. So it is reasonable to suggest that she was sold by BL in the 20's or 30's.

However, we have been unable to find this design in the catalogues of the time. The quality is such that if not BL then she would have been sold by Hamleys or Gamages.

She is very good condition for her age. The paintwork is original although it has "crackled" over the years. There appear to be few pieces missing most notably the after mast and perhaps some torpedo tubes.

The motor has not been tested and the wiring would need to be renewed. There is internal lead ballast. The motor drives a 3-bladed prop and there is a large adjustable rudder.

This is a very decorative boat although you may consider restoring her to a sailing condition. 

The stand is hardwood but is not as old as the boat. It is included in the sale if required. 

Rare Bassett-Lowke WW1 Gunboat pond yacht "HMS Seawolf" -Sold

SKU: yacht943
  • Length: 61cm (24")  Beam: 9cm (3.5") height 31cms in the stand to the top of the mast


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