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This is a rare Star pond yacht so it is well worth restoring.

Star produced this model in the 1930's and it was called the BR6 "Hollow yacht". At the time it was the largest of the BR range of yachts.

The hull is in good order but the paintwork is not original. It is likely that it will need a repaint and new varnish. There is a slight crack in the keel but there is no movement. There is also some damage to the ballast.

The deck is original as are all the fittings including the famous brass badge. The deck varnish is very dark and patchy and will require some attention.

The rig appears to be complete. Certainly the spars are original and have their brass end caps. For their age the sails are in good order. There is one small tear in the mainsail. There may be a couple of hooks and bowsies missing.

Please have a good look at the photos as they give a good idea of the restoration required. If you have any questions or require further photos please do not hesitate to ask. 

Large 1930's Stars are becoming more and more difficult to find so a project such as this is very worthwhile.



Star Productions 1930's BR6 to restore -Sold

SKU: rest899
  • Length: 61cm (24") plus bowsprit 69cms overall Beam: 15cm (6") Height (estimated): 92cms (36") 


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