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The Comet is the largest of the post WWII BR range of Star Production pond yachts.

Due to their vibrant colours the BR's are probably the most decorative and therefore the most collectable of all the Star yachts. They are very popular with interior designers.

On this particular yacht the paintwork is all original, green above the waterline and varnish below. She has been sailed but only once or twice. Consequently the condition of the hull is very good with just a couple of marks and a few scratches on the ballast. The bow and deck transfers are perfect.

The deck has all its original fittings and has its original varnish finish. There are a couple of marks but overall the condition is very good. 

The sails are original and in good order with no holes or tears. They have "yellowed" slightly over the years and one or two of the cringles have corroded. All the hooks and bowsies are original. It appears that the booms have been replaced at some point and the rigging has been renewed.

All large Stars are now very collectable especially this range and the Comet was one of the most expensive to buy when new. Consequently they are now very difficult to find especially in this condition. 

She also benifits from having her original stand which is included in the sale.

Star Productions Comet VG Condition-Sold

  • Length: 69cm (27") plus bowsprit 30 inches overall Beam: 19cm (7.3") Overall height: 98cm (38.5")

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