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The Star Meteorite is one of the 3 post war BR range of yachts.

In our experience the Meteorite is the rarest of the range. It is difficult to understand why this should be, but this is only the fifth example that we have been able to offer for sale in 12 years of buying and selling Star pond yachts. In the same period we have sold many Planets and Comets.

Although there are some marks on the hull it is difficult to believe that she has been sailed such is her condition. The only marks of any consequence are on the ballast. However, overall the distinctive black and white livery is in excellent order. The Meteorite transfers on the bow are perfect.

The deck is also in very good condition with its original varnish. 

All the deck fittings are original and the Star transfer is present and correct. The mast and bowsprit fittings are tarnished.

The rig is totally original and apart from a few rust stains the sails are in very good condition with no holes or tears. The mainsail stamp has not faded. 

Overall this yacht is in very good original condition and is a rare opportunity for the Star collector.

The stand is not original and is likely to have been homemade.


Star Productions Meteorite all original -Sold

SKU: yacht921
  • Length: 53cm (21") plus bowsprit 59cms overall Beam: 15cm (6") Overall height: 80cm (31.5")

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