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The Planet is one of the post WWII BR range of Star Production pond yachts. This is one of the early models with a round stern and some items, such as brass bowsies and bowsprit fittings, which were used on 1930's yachts.

Due to their vibrant colours the BR's are probably the most decorative and therefore the most collectable of all the Star yachts. 

The colour scheme of red and varnish below the waterline is original but the yacht has been sailed . Consequently the paintwork and the varnish do have marks and scratches. The Planet transfers are original and in good order.

The deck has original varnish and fittings but due to the sailing has some loss of varnish around the deck edge. The deck transfer is perfect.   

The sails are original and in good condition for their age. There are a few stains and one hole in the mainsail. The spars have all been replaced but the hooks and bowsies are original.

All large Stars are now very collectable and this particular yacht is offered at a price commensurate with its overall "as sailed" condition.

The stand is not as old as the yacht but is included in the sale if required. 


Early Star Productions Planet in "as sailed" condition-Sold

SKU: yacht956
  • Length: 61cm (24") plus bowsprit 26.5 inches overall Beam: 16cm (6.25") Overall height: 89cm (35") including stand

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