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We have been offering Birkenhead Stars for sale for some 14 years now and this is only the second of this model we have been fortunate to find. The other required full restoration.

When we obtained the first one we knew it was a Star but had a problem identifying the model. 

Luckily there is a website for Star yachts and this identified her as an early 1920's solid hulled model.

This particular yacht is astonishing as she is totally original. Only the rigging has been renewed.

As she is now about 100 years old she is starting to show her age. The paintwork is original but is distressed and a little dull. The keel has lost some of its black paint.

The sails are original but are discoloured and have one or two tears around the cringles.

Star yachts are very collectable now and this is one of the rarest models.

She can quite correctly be called a survivor.


Very Early Star Pond Yacht complete and original-Sold

SKU: yacht913
  • Length: 48.5cm (19") plus bowsprit 

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