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This yacht was made by Alexander of Preston most likely in the 1950's or 60's. 

The paintwork is lovely with original cream topsides and  blue below the waterline. Considering that this yacht has been sailed the paintwork is in good order. There is a little paint loss at the bow and on the bottom of the keel. There are also 2 areas, on the starboard and port quarters, where the cream paint has been touched up. There is a crack in the rudder but it is secure.

The deck has a wonderful colour with black plank lines. There is an original John Alexander transfer just aft of the mast.

Please have a good look at the photos as they are a good guide to the overall condition.

All the deck fittings are original including the sheet horses and the braine steering. They, and the spars, have been anodised from new. 

The rig is in really good order. All the hooks and bowsies are original.

The sails are original and in very good overall condition. There is  some staining but there are no tears. There is one pinprick hole in the jib.  

The stand is original and she still has her original box. This probably explains why, after all these years, she is is in such great condition.

Alexanders are generally accepted to be the best of all the commercially produced yachts. Certainly they are the most collectable and prices, for good examples, have increased over the last few years.




Alexander of Preston c/w original box and stand -Sold

SKU: yacht1034
  • Length: 67cm (26.5")  Beam: 17cm (6.75") Overall height: 112cm (44") including stand

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