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Winford Model Yachts were made by Kingswinford Forge Ltd in the 1920's

Little else is known about this particular pond yacht manufacturer.

The hulls were made from seamless steel with wooden keels fitted with lead ballast. The keels were bolted through the hulls and could be changed depending on the size of the rig being used and the sailing conditions.

This suggests that they were quite sophisticated racing yachts and would have been very expensive to buy new.

This may explain why they are now very rare. This is only the third Winford we have been able to offer for sale and the first was just a hull.

This particular yacht has been restored. The hull and the keel are original and have been repainted and varnished. Unusually the keel is stamped with Winford and the reg number of the design.

The rudder, the horses, drain plug and keel fixings are all original.

The sails are original with 3 repairs on the leech of the mainsail. They also have a few stains but have the lovely blue stripe so indicative of of the 20's/30's era.

The spars and rigging have been replaced.   

Winfords are striking and attractive yachts and because of their rarity very collectable. 



Very Rare 1920's Winford Racing Yacht fully restored -Sold

SKU: yacht811
  • Length: 38cm (15") plus bowsprit and boom 60cms (23.5") overall Beam: 14cm (5.5") overall height 85cms (33.5") including stand


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