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This yacht is one of the largest of the post war SB "Super Bermuden" range of yachts. She is 30 inches long and is called Western Star.

The hull has its original cream paintwork which, because she has been sailed, has some marks especially at the bow. Overall it is in good order as are the Western Star transfers.

The deck has all original fittings but the tiller has been broken. The varnish is original but has faded over time. The transfer is in very good condition.

The rig is all original and the sails are in very good condition. At some point the yacht has been stored wet and as a consequence the hooks and bowsies are covered in verdigris. One or two of the cringles have been pulled out. The rigging appears all original but there are one or two knots. The mainsail stamp is fine and the sails just have a few rust stains. 

The stand is homemade and not as old as the yacht but is included in the sale if required. 


Western Star SB5 Original but for display -Sold

SKU: yacht667
  • Length: 76cm (30")  Beam: 20cm (8")   Overall height: 118cm (46.5")

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